Rouge Hotel ***

Rouge Hotel offers apartments which can accommodate 2+2 people. All of them have fully equipped kitchenette, WC and bathroom, cable TV, internet, air-conditioner, fridge and terraces, with some of them offering sea view. There is washing machine in some of the apartments. The hotel has free outdoor swimming pool and free parking lot. It is situated in the new part of the city, some 20 m from the sea. The price includes free mini bar /only once/


*Over 7 nights – discount upon agreement
Low season
(01.06 - 10.07 and 25.08 - 15.09)
High season
(10.07 - 30.08)
85 BGN 105 BGN



07.12.2021 22:42
07.12.2021 15:54
05.12.2021 13:48
02.12.2021 23:17
02.12.2021 08:19
30.11.2021 23:27
30.11.2021 06:14
16.11.2021 23:18
16.11.2021 21:08
16.11.2021 10:47
14.11.2021 22:21
14.11.2021 08:56
13.11.2021 12:09
08.11.2021 14:14
06.11.2021 12:30
04.11.2021 18:10
30.10.2021 05:47
28.10.2021 04:40
26.10.2021 22:47
19.10.2021 03:16
17.10.2021 19:27
17.10.2021 01:59
14.10.2021 14:17
09.10.2021 03:06
08.10.2021 20:04
03.10.2021 16:23
01.10.2021 13:54
30.09.2021 12:19
29.09.2021 23:14
29.09.2021 05:21
27.09.2021 21:15
27.09.2021 19:45
25.09.2021 17:57
05.09.2021 19:00
04.09.2021 13:27
03.09.2021 12:42
01.09.2021 17:12
31.08.2021 11:19
31.08.2021 08:38
30.08.2021 14:00
28.08.2021 09:46
26.08.2021 07:10
18.08.2021 00:24
15.08.2021 20:05
01.08.2021 10:30
31.07.2021 10:50
30.07.2021 23:06
30.07.2021 20:41
30.07.2021 05:25
29.07.2021 12:59
29.07.2021 05:23
28.07.2021 19:32
28.07.2021 15:38
28.07.2021 05:20
27.07.2021 03:00
09.07.2021 01:53
07.07.2021 01:50
06.07.2021 18:15
04.07.2021 12:00
01.07.2021 17:58
28.06.2021 22:26
27.06.2021 19:28
27.06.2021 06:36
26.06.2021 10:43
25.06.2021 12:56
25.06.2021 00:31
24.06.2021 20:00
24.06.2021 04:05
11.06.2021 06:07
09.06.2021 05:32
05.06.2021 22:11
03.06.2021 14:07
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