St. Zosim Hotel ***

The hotel is located in the new part of Sozopol, some 15 m from the beach

For your peace and comfort, we offer luxury furnished studios, which consist of one room with kitchenette (fully equipped), bedroom, extendable sofa for additional accommodation and WC and bathroom. In addition, the hotel has two luxury apartments with three terraces each offering sea view, two bedrooms and spacious living room. There is washing machine in some studios and apartments. All studios have spacious terraces with sea view.

All studios and apartments are equipped with air-conditioner, 32'' LCD TV set, cable TV and Wi-Fi. The guests may use free parking lot.



*Over 7 nights – discount upon agreement
Low season
(01.06 - 10.07 and 25.08 - 15.09)
High season
(10.07 - 25.08)
65 BGN 85 BGN
Three-room apartment
105 BGN 150 BGN


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